On Sunday The Silverstone Grand Prix (UK): Leclerc is confident in fighting


On Sunday 14th July there will be the Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone.
After the last race in which there was the good performance of Ferrari, despite the final mockery of having arrived second behind Verstappen, Leclerc is confident in fighting for victory.

Despite everything however, there are still many doubts about the management of the organization of Fomula 1 because in the last two Gran Prix, decisions to penalize vettel, and then to pardon Verstappen to the detriment of Leclerc see Ferrari as a submissive not only of the sporting power of mercedes, but also of the political one of F1.

The F1 in recent years is experiencing among other things a decline in entertainment because there is no more competition for the overwhelming power of Hamilton and it is hoped that the organization will change some rules as it changed when there was the overwhelming power of Ferrari 15 Years ago.


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