The union of FB instgagram and whatsapp is starting!


In recent months, zuck had announced its intention to merge Facebook Instagram and Whatsapp. The three social (even if Whatsapp is not a true social network) of his property would offer various services in a single APP.

One of the changes that will take place in the next period is the addition of the words “from Facebook” next to the names of WhatsApp and Instagram.

However we do not know the details of how the three apps will be merged, and also what impact it will have on users and the global web.

For example, it has recently been announced that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in the US is investigating to see if acquisitions such as those of Instagram and WhatsApp (but not only) have been made to eliminate potential future competitors. This would have made the market less competitive at the expense of users and other companies.

So perhaps the union of the three social networks would make a possible evolution of investigations on the acquisition of instagram and whatsapp more secure.