Trump warns (and threatens) Google for the 2020 presidential election


The big names of technology are now very important elements in political life and in the electoral campaign, as they can be decisive for the electorate in order to form their own idea and decide for whom to vote. Donald Trump, yesterday, sent a clear signal to Google.



Let’s start with the direct quotation, which we also need to explain that “warns / threat” in the title that might seem risky. Everyone can read us what they want in those six words taken from a Donald Trump tweet yesterday, depending on whether you choose the good faith or the suspect.

Donald Trump, lately, is sending more or less clear messages to the big names of Silicon Valley, fearing conditions for the electorate against him. Yesterday morning he again pointed the finger at Google in the name of a hypothetical anti-conservative prejudice, hypothesizing also the existence of a conspiracy in the society to “illegally subvert the Presidential 2020” (hypothesis dryly denied by Google).



6 thoughts on “Trump warns (and threatens) Google for the 2020 presidential election

  1. It’s funny that Trump fear that Google & others can influence future elections… well, the problem is “where” is directed the influence, I suppose 😛

    1. Excellent observation! Regardless of Trump’s “dictatorship”, social media still have great power and the political colors of the big Silicon Valley names can unfairly influence the votes. It is war between dictatorial balances

  2. No surprise here. He is after all, the king! He’s used to being able to threaten and get away with it. Ever checked out the number of lawsuits he’s proposed? Will money ever not be a root of evil?

  3. What’s worse, gaining influence, through social media, to enforce its goals. Or social media in which opinions are implanted in people’s minds. I think that one is as bad as the other. Well, the better manipulator for humans is Trump. It is not clear to me that there are people who are influenced by such a KASPER (Jumping Jack). People follow a politician who applauds himself. Incomprehensible.

    1. I believe that most of the big names of Silicon Valley sympathize with the Democrats (against trump). But for giants like google it’s not allowed to have political colors because they can unfairly influence and change the world political vote

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