The Illussion of freedom: we are governed by the system!

2019 Drawing of Pawel Kuczynski


As always, Pawel Kuczynski’s drawings inspire me with thoughts and reflections.

What is freedom? It is the power to choose between multiple possibilities in a precise moment! But the past is a merchant and leads us to think that destiny has often chosen for us, as if everything were already written.

Other times we think that our choices are dictated only by our will, when instead they are influenced by a myriad of factors and circumstances that make up the system.

The gear of this system is run by a few powerful people who lead us to believe that we live in a world of possibilities when in reality they are the ones who choose for us.

To give an example we can think of the political elections: our vote is a drop in the sea and does not influence much if in our life we ​​do not fight to create a group of people who share our thoughts.

Voting is often influenced by big of i-tech that can influence voting with social and internet. We believe we can choose instead we are deluded even when we interact with the system, because fighting it is itself the project of the system.

10 thoughts on “The Illussion of freedom: we are governed by the system!

  1. Have to agree overall but disagree on one point. We tend to blame a few powerful people, but we should not forget that they are cut from the same cloth and perhaps suffer from the same human desires and limitations that we do; hunger, greed, love, sex, money, etc. What is in it for them to do something for the teeming millions? Only that by doing so they become more of what they are, powerful and rich and influential. I don’t know why we keep expecting them to be selfless in giving us what is good.

    1. What you say is true! But if all the powerful of the earth did what they want without morality the end of the world is near! Just consider climate change …

  2. Più libertà abbiamo e meno sappiamo usarla. Io sono annichilita dal fatto che oggi, con internet, si possono raggiungere moltissime informazioni e cercare di farsi un’idea propria abbastanza facilmente, e invece i luoghi comuni continuano a imperare

  3. Thanks Romano. Agree 100%. I am NOT a socialist/comunist at all BUT something wrong and must be reflected when less than 1% won more than 90% of the world monetary/finantial ressources and (directly & indirectly) about 40%-50% of the world natural ressources and responsible for destroying our common planet…

  4. I’ve remaibed alone in my blog because of my ideas and fight against the system. I’d like to invite you in my blog. It would be a very pleasure for me because you have so good ideas and thoughts 😉

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