Sunday Thoughts


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The day of rest

Summer is behind us now.

Today is the last day of summer and tomorrow officially enters the autumn with the equinox.

Lying on the sofa or in the armchair, walking around the city, the mind seeks relief from the thought of starting the week again.

The day we would like had no time and stopped in the afternoon when we are in front of the TV. Think back to Saturday, the day that has the most perspective, thanks especially to Sunday.

I try to live thinking it’s always Saturday or Sunday. The day of rest is often sad, thinking that each time the week begins with the working deadlines. Then I change the agenda: the dates remain the same but I change the days … no more Monday, Tuesday …



7 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

      1. Actually, in reference to the Solstices and Equinoxes being the middle of the seasons, that would make Autumn begin near the end of the first week of August (celebration dates near that week vary because of the Precession of Equinoxes, ie, equal day and night is not the same day as when the Sun is nearest to 0° declination; this year equal day and night occurs on 26 September, while the Sun is nearest to 0° declination on 23 September; that would make the beginning of Autumn somewhere between 7 August to 9 August for this year). Your response makes no reference to that reality. 😎

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