The Best IMG viewer for PC (windows)

image viewer
The Best Image Viewer Software

When we view images with windows, we can experience heavy slowdowns. The winodws viewer software is not very light and so it is necessary to install third-party software that allows us to open images in a few moments and also to edit images with advanced tools.

Here you will find the best software for the windows viewer alternative:




I think it’s the best combination of lightness and functionality. It is suitable for both professionals and home users. It recognizes numerous files and allows you to modify them and even convert them. The only flaw is that the graphic is a bit spartan. But the software is really lightning-fast and full of features



FastStone Image Viewer


This is also a great viewer. It probably also contains more features than IrfanView but I don’t like the graphics and layout. Although it has the image directories management, at the first click of the file the image will be displayed in full screen and the toolbars are arranged on the various sides of the screen. However, it is still a valid alternative to the windows viewer.



XnView [windows + MAC]


It has numerous features and a discrete graphic. Recommended because it is also available on MAC.


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