The Italian Russiagate


The leader of the Lega, Matteo Salvini, with the Russian President Putin.


Almost all Americans know the Russigate case or at least have heard of it.

The terminology used to indicate the names of the scandals derives precisely from the famous scandal that occurred in 1972 with an American president: Nixon. In 1972 the watergate scandal broke out. Since then the word gate has been used …

Many people do not know that there is another russiagate: the Italian one.
Although there are still no judicial implications on the case, it is a very important issue because it could affect all European politics.

The coincidence of having two Russiagates overshadows the two events leading the citizen to think that it is an external question.

Moreover, in recent weeks the Italian russigate is taking on more and more relevance because Salvini (leader of the Lega party and former deputy premier) is directly involved and seems to avoid as much as possible questions on the subject.

On October 22nd the RAI3 television channel broadcast an episode with all the details and secrets of the story arousing the criticism (for better or for worse) of many. In fact many politicians are asking Salvini to clarify the matter.

According to many, the Lega would have asked the Russians to finance the electoral campaign for European elections with a good 65 million euros.