Social networks make us make hens

Illustration of Pawel Kuczynski


Social networks were originally born as a means of contact but today they are used mainly to create our image and also to vent our language.

Often we do not realize that social networks become a real amusement, so that we become chickens, communicating also what is not strictly necessary and which far surpasses leisure.



Friday Feeling: escape from your thoughts

Friday Feeling: escape from your thoughts

Today is Friday and the weekend begins tomorrow, which for many people is a time for recreation. But how much do we use it to meditate for at least half an hour, that little time in which we depart from our unconscious thoughts?

Every day our thoughts are like thorns in the side. After a while we get used to it and we hardly notice it anymore. Our character, our instincts, our soul, unconsciously condition us.
We should be willing to take 30 minutes a day and drive away all our thorns of thought. Then we will be truly free from our pains.