1 November – All Saints Day: history of name-day


On November 1st, as always, we celebrate the feast of all saints. This day, introduced by Pope Gregory IV, also allows us to celebrate the name day to those who have an adespota name, that is, they have a name that does not appear on the calendar with any Saint.

The name day, as well as the birthday, is celebrated in most countries. But today this tradition has been lost a bit and so often only the birthday is celebrated.

The custom of celebrating the name day derives from the fact that in ancient times, especially in the Middle Ages, when there was still no registry office, people only remembered the dates of the saints with whom they celebrated people.

Today the name day is celebrated mainly in the south and in Latin countries. In northern Italy and in other countries this custom has been lost.

1° November – The Birthday Juventus Club


Today, November 1st, is the birthday of Juventus. The most successful Italian team in Italy, and one of the best known in the world, is 122 years old.

With the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo, the reputation of the Club has probably increased. The primary objective remains the victory of the Champions League, which has been lost numerous times in the final …
The coincidence is that on November 1st Umberto Agnelli was born, a well-known sports director of the Agnelli Family.

Tomorrow there will also be a derby with Torino. Instead, Wednesday the first match will be played for the return of the Champions League group.

This year with coach Sarri you still can’t see a good game. Despite Juve being first in the standings, some victories came with difficulty. Furthermore, the draw with Atletico Madrid has again revealed doubts about the defense … It is hoped that the team has planned an athletic preparation to make the best in the second half of the season and that is after the beginning of 2020.