Silence does not exist: it is the song of birds!

Illustration of Pawel Kuczynski

In the big cities there is no more silence and noise pollution has become daily. We often use music to isolate ourselves from the surrounding world, full of noise and chaos. In fact, in addition to giving emotions (often deriving from its musical genre), music has a therapeutic function.

Many studies have shown that while listening to music, the body increases the production of endorphin, which acts like a morphine in the brain, alleviating depression or anxiety.

Anyway. the best solution to detach ourselves from the chaos of the city would be to get in touch with nature.

But what exactly is silence? Pure silence almost never exists because probably the silence itself is a deafening noise to the solitude of our soul. True silence is when we hear birds singing or how much we hear the sound of crickets or cicadas …

12 thoughts on “Silence does not exist: it is the song of birds!

  1. Yes true silence perhaps only exists in the vacuum of space? I am happy to be on a moor or hill far enough away not to hear the hum of traffic, sheep bleating and birdsong seem to emphasise the lack of any other noise.

  2. When I try to find and enjoy silence, ringing in my ears, from decades in noisy environments, keeps me from finding any. However, walking beside a stream I can listen to the rush of the water, or birds in the trees above the hiking trail, or other small creatures scurrying around. That is blessed silence to me.

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