Next Friday is the BLACK FRIDAY: expected incredible offers awaiting Christmas


As almost everyone knows, the last Friday of November is black friday, the day when you can find many products at a favorable offer. This year the black friday happens on 29th November , almost close to the month of December. This will require many people to make advantageous purchases for Christmas.

Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. The day after Thanksgiving was considered the beginning of the American Christmas shopping season since 1952.

Obviously, before the advent of the web and therefore the spread of online shopping portals, such as AMAZON, ebay, aliexpress, ect., Black friday was not known in the rest of the world, but above all it took place only in the United States.

In European countries, as I believe in other countries of the world, black friday is almost exclusively limited to internet promotions, as there is no Thanksgiving Day that starts this custom and there is a very large number of participants lower.


Some tips on purchases

  • Often tempting offerings lead us to buy with frenzy, not realizing that many of the things we buy do not serve us, but we only buy them for the exceptional price.
  • Often the offers inserted on amazon or on other sites are temporary, but it is always worth spending a few minutes to make a price comparison.
  • When we are attracted to a product we must always evaluate the entity of the price and that of the offer, considering our budget. A 50% discount on a € 5 product may not be useful. Instead a 50% discount on a € 100 product could be convenient if the product is of quality.
  • Don’t be fooled by the discount. It would be advisable to check the real price of the products before the black friday. Many may have the cunning to raise the price with the balance.




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