Cher sings magically to “Dancing with the stars”

Cher, the legendary singer and actress, at 73 she performed in a magical show in the final of the season 28 of “Dancing with the stars”. Cher commanded the stage and all eyes were on her. The entire stage was decked out in ’70s decor. She transported us back in time!

Cher wore a shining and dazzling dress from head to toe that resembled the 70s. It was great to see her at DWTS because she had been missing since 2013, since she was the judge on the broadcast.

Cher graced us with her presence during the ‘DWTS’ finale. (ABC)
Cher is currently in the midst of the North American leg of her Here We Go Again tour. She’ll be making stops all along the United States and Canada. The tour will go well into 2020. The final performance of her tour is scheduled for May 6, 2020, in Sacramento, California.


Curiosity is the greatest rejection of man, but also the greatest perdition ..


“I have no particular talents, I am only passionately curious” said Albert Einstein.

Surely curiosity is a great resource, which has allowed scientists like Eistein to become one of the greatest geniuses in history. Other people instead, like San Pio da Pietrelcina, considered curiosity one of the fundamental evils of earthly life because it was the one most responsible for perdition.

Curiosity, being both a great resource and a great perdition, must be managed in the best way. The best thing would be to be stubborn and browse only on the roads and things that are most useful. This whole world, especially in the web age, has a total perdition … Even a simple news can lead to diverting attention to what we believe is most important. In this era we are bombarded with news that in 90% of cases we do not suffer from anything …