The Future of streaming:… PODCAST



Although the spread of podcasts is constantly growing, many still do not know what it is. The Podcast is a service that allows you to download multimedia files (audio or video) and therefore allows you to consult the material at any time, even offline. The Podcasts began to spread with the music of mp3s and had an exponential spread with the introduction of streaming services, which instead are usable only when connected online. One of the main advantages is that the podcast material can be downloaded on any platform or any device.

Many IT giants come Spotify, amazon, and others. they are investing heavily in podcasts, which have almost become a common service for the web world.

Spotify focuses on podcasts, is testing a new feature that offers users content chosen from an algorithm that is based on previous listenings. The function is called Your daily podcast and allows you to create a playlist, like the music ones, but with audio content.
Experimentation is not available in all countries. It has begun for now in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Here are some of the most popular podcasts:

Kill Tony

99% Invisibile


Honey and Co: The Food Talks

How Cum

The Heart

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Bad with Money

Pessimist’s Archive

You’re Wrong About

Up first



This American Life

Hidden Brain

Fresh Air

The habitat


The Vegan Vanguard

Everything Is Alive

The Butterfly Effect

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