Today is the 30th birthday of the Simpson

Today the Simpsons make the 30th year of their birth. On December 17th the Simpsons made their US debut in half-hour episodes in prime time on the FOX network. Today in many channels of various nations have been transmitted the first historical episodes of the Simpsons . A cartoon that has marked an era and continues to certainly influence current generations that never tire of new episodes.
The primordial simpsons, those of the 90s, were very rough, although they still had that original idea of ​​reflecting the typical American family..

I began to see the simpsons from when I was a child. In Italy in the early 1990s, the Simpsons were not yet known and known as they were today. Today it is certainly one of the most famous cartoons in the world. I also believe that there are also many adults watching them


The new Top Gun trailer has been released.

I believe that Top Gun 2 will be the film of the year 2020 but also one of the colossal (or historical films) of the ’20s. Although I was born in the second half of the 80s, I manged to still enjoy the legacy of this film, which has left an indelible memory of the 80s in everyone’s memory. It is impressive to think that this film launched the Reyban culture – the brand of sunglasses – and contributed to the global success of actor Tom Cruise.

Although this film will not match the success of its predecessor – at least in mass culture – it will be a great success and a great confirmation, especially for those who love the action genre.

Undoubtedly the film top gun follows the nature of many Americans in military or patriotic fanaticism. But in any case, the film still leaves a romantic imprint like few films have ever made in history. Another interesting thing is the music and the soundtrack that will accompany the scenes in the film. TopGun is unforgettable especially for its soundtrack, in particular for the song “Take my breath away” of Berlin. I don’t think there will be a hit of the same caliber but I still hope in the beauty of the music.