The Pacience of Pope Francis: slaps a faithful!

During the year-end mass (31 December 2019), Pope Francis’ patience was put to the test. While Bergoglio was walking through the crowd, an oriental lady tugged on the Pope’s hand, more than generally happens when a faithful wants to touch and greet the Pope.

The Pope reacted abruptly, as has never been seen, by slapping the hands of the faithful. However the day after Bergoglio apologized for losing patience in an episode that happened the previous day, not specifying in detail what happened.

An episode that certainly does not overshadow the image of the pope, on the contrary, it even more emphasizes the eccentric character of the pontiff, who has sparked millions of comments on the network and on social media.

8 thoughts on “The Pacience of Pope Francis: slaps a faithful!

  1. First we get a leftover Nazi, then a leftover hippie (seemingly with leftover hippie itches and twitches, if you catch my meaning). Yay, us!

  2. She abused him! We are not a nanny state but a granny state! We need priests to slap them back to work instead of harlequin religion and trump dolls. Retirement should be at ninety minus five years for every natural kid.

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