Reform of Italian justice: the removal of the prescription of legal processes


The central point of the parliamentary debate of these months is the reform of justice which contains the removal of the prescription, which is currently foreseen for almost all trials, except those for massacres.

The prescription has been the debate of Italian justice for years, because many consider it as the remedy for the infinite length of some trials, which often last a lifetime for the accused. But others instead view it as a salvation for some criminals, often those wealthy people who can afford to pay the best lawyer who can drive the trial for decades.

This reform is mainly supported by the five star movement which is the creator and is supported by the PD, which is currently the coalition party together with the Five Star Movement.

The prescription in the other states exists only for specific and singular cases and that therefore for most of the processes cannot be implemented. In Italy, unfortunately, where the trial times are very long, this expedient was used which in reality had to be applied only in specific cases and which instead allowed many people to save themselves from very serious crimes, such as the mafia crime. and corruption.

3 thoughts on “Reform of Italian justice: the removal of the prescription of legal processes

  1. mi pare che il PD abbia detto che non è d’accordo e vuole fare una controproposta. Abolire la prescrizione è una stupidaggine che ci danneggerà ulteriormente

  2. Ma figurati, i processi civili durano all’infinito, e se hai una sentenza pendente non puoi fare concorsi, lavorare, un problema. Si può eliminare la prescrizione, ma dopo aver fatto una vera riforma di tutta la giustizia. Ma che ti vuoi aspettare da uno che non sa la differenza tra colpa e dolo

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