The banana of the artist Maurizio Cattalan

The work of art of the famous artist Maurizio Cattalan

In 2019 the Italian and Paduan artist Maurizio Cattelan realizes “comedian”, an artistic performance that revolves around a banana hanging on the wall with adhesive tape.
This work has gone around the world, commented above all on social media, where people have delighted in criticism. Indeed, it is truly unusual to see such a work, and one must ask whether this “simplistic” work was successful only because it was created by a well-known artist.

In Italy, as in the rest of the world, people are indulged in making fun of the work by making a similar one with sausages, salami or similar things. The work was even more successful precisely because the mass media like TV talked about it ironically about the work. We hope not to witness some strange works like this year last year.


3 thoughts on “The banana of the artist Maurizio Cattalan

  1. Eppure … io ci ho fatto qualche ragionamento (anche se ho scelto una foto con una fetta di focaccia attaccata al muro, da buona genovese ;). Cattelan è tutt’altro che stupido, e il suo messaggio è molto diretto. Tra l’altro, la banana: scelta da Banksy nella sua trassposizione di Pulp Fiction, scelta da De Chirico come immagine dell’Africa (come Cattelan), scelta da Andy Warhol.

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