AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X: the first 64-core desktop CPU

It is the first processor for desktop systems with 64 cores inside and represents the fastest currently available on the market. However, it requires applications that are able to take advantage of the high number of cores present to give the best. It is therefore not for everyone, starting from the price: 3,999 dollars!


The Ryzen Threadripper family of processors debuted on the market with the first versions in the summer of 2017, representing a radical novelty compared to what AMD previously offered. For the first time, in fact, the American company has been able to offer a product intended specifically for the field of HEDT systems, High-End Desktop, putting itself in direct contrast with the range of Intel solutions of the Core-X series.


In the comparison between the two families of Intel and AMD HEDT CPUs, some differences immediately became clear: AMD aimed to offer a higher number of cores, clearly evident with the transition to the number of 32 in the debut of the second generation Ryzen Threadripper CPUs , while Intel has benefited from higher clock rates and superior single-core efficiency. The particular architecture of the first two generations of Ryzen Threadripper processor, borrowed directly from the EPYC proposals for datacenters, also represented a limit with those applications highly dependent on the latency of access to system memory.


However, everything has changed with the debut of the third generation of Ryzen Threadripper processors, based on Zen 2 architecture and built with 7 nanometer production technology, which took place last November. AMD presented two models, equipped with 24 and 32 core architecture respectively, anticipating the debut of a third version capable of offering 64 internal cores.


The Sanremo Festival 2020


In these days the Sanremo festival is taking place, the historic Italian music competition of international importance. Although for many years I have seen the show this year I exempt myself from seeing it for many reasons. Among the main reasons there is certainly the scandal in the declarations (political) of Claudio Baglioni, the previous presenter, who took advantage of such an important stage to express an idea certainly in favor of immigration.

Obviously music is inclusion … instead politics is exclusion (by its nature and regardless of political color) so sharing these two things is out of reach for everyone … As if that were not enough last year many songs were excluded for reasons very delicate: such as that of pedophilia and songs were received that would have favored the record companies of some interested parties.

The Sanremo festival is certainly a much more elegant stage than the talent shows – which also have a lot of success in Italy, first of all xFactor – but in recent years it has lost a lot of decorum and above all of a musical level …

Despite everything, I only looked at a few clips and casually at the most interesting moment of the festival, that is when an international guest was present: Lewis Capaldi.

This year they called an infinite number of guests, in addition to the fact that the valleys and collaborators are many .. Nevertheless, Lewis Capaldi was the most relevant (musical) guest …

Muddled philosopher: Consciousness could not have evolved — Why Evolution Is True

Here’s another philosopher who’s wrecked himself on the shoals of reason and logic when trying to deal with consciousness. Not all philosophers screw up when discussing issues of neuroscience, of course (Patricia Churchland and Dan Dennett are exceptions), but so often many of them simply look ridiculous, at least to scientists, when they tell us […]

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