Quaden Bayels, The Child Victim of the bulls

Hugh Jackman wanted to send Quaden Bayles, the nine-year-old victim of bullies who in a dramatic video declares he wants to die, a message in which he offers his support and friendship. Wolverine’s interpreter has joined other sports and entertainment stars, including Jeffrey Dean Morgan, to condemn bullying that has profound consequences for the victims.

The boy, so small but already so deeply troubled, showed himself with a tear-streaked face because every day he is targeted by his companions. The boy also said in the outburst that he wanted to die and wanted to commit suicide. In fact, the boy was born with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. The reason he is laughed at by his peers is his height.

The fundraiser launched by Brad Williams on GoFundMe to give Quaden and his family a trip to Disneyland, and support organizations that fight bullying, has in the meantime exceeded $ 276,000.


Corona virus is spreading widely in Italy


Until a few days ago in Italy there were only three infected and all hoped to have stemmed the coronavirus epidemic. But yesterday 21 February there was the first news of an infected person in Lombardy, in the province of Lodi. In a few hours the news has increased and the confirmed cases of infected people has risen to 16. In one day the infected people went from 3 to 35, making Italy the country with the most infected people.

It is sad to note that after exactly one month that newspapers and TVs had given all the recommendations to avoid contagion, it was necessary to isolate entire countries.
In fact, although Italy has taken the most drastic measures, closing all air flights to and from China, there has been the worst “epidemic”.

I don’t know what the real causes of all this are, but surely the neglect of the seriousness of the problem is one of the main reasons. Even if you are a manager, you cannot dine with colleagues who have just returned from China.