25th february 2020: Shrove Tuesday


Shrove Tuesday is the last day of carnival and the following day is Ash Wednesday, that is, the first day of Lent which ends with Easter, or more precisely with Holy Thursday in Holy Week. Shrove Tuesday, as well as carnival, is mainly celebrated in Christian countries. In Italy, the country that most celebrates this tradition, there are many cities where Carnival is famous all over the world. The most famous carnivals are those of Venice and that of Viareggio. This year, due to the coronavirus, which has particularly affected Italy, Shrove Tuesday is not celebrated in Venice. So only the Viareggio carnival is celebrated, which remains one of the most famous carnival in the world.

CoronaVirus Update: the whole truth


With the increase in the number of infections in Italy, worries increase. In fact, despite the fact that Italy has adopted the most restrictive measures in the world, blocking all flights to and from China, the infections seem not to stop ..

What is the truth? Many argue that in the rest of Europe there are fewer swabs while in Italy they do many more. Undoubtedly Italy is battered by the problems of immigration, which Europe has never wanted to solve, and this could seem one of the reasons ..

But unfounded no one knows the truth because there is no vaccine and above all not knowing the dynamics of the virus, which would seem to change genetically in some subjects, you live in the dark. Citizens are often divided between those who claim that the virus is an exaggeration and those who say it is a worldwide danger. Almost always the truth is always in the middle ..




Contagion occurs by air, but it has not been absolutely demonstrated that foods or microbes on ingested foods can infect the subject. Although mortality is lower than that of other coronaviruses (sars and mers), the infection is much higher …
The best precautions are: mask, coughing or sneezing with the elbow and washing hands often. Unfortunately, the masks are currently unavailable, and the few remaining ones are sold at an astronomical price, especially in countries with a high number of infections.

Another thing to do is avoid crowded places and keep informed on possible outbreak places that are the most at risk, so you can take precautionary measures if you know that you are in the red areas



The symptoms, or at least the initial symptoms, are those of a normal bacterial flu, i.e. colds and respiratory problems. Obviously after these symptoms they can also lead to complications. In the stage following that of the first symptoms there are complications of pneumonia, with the consequent problem of breathing which can also lead to hospitalization.



Mortality is around 1-3%, that is a little higher than a normal infulenza, but – and this is the important thing – considering hospitalization. There are cases, such as that of the patient1 in Italy, which seems to have infected a flood of people, which present serious clinical pictures, despite the young age and the optimal state of health, considering that the young Mattia is a manager who practices sports.

At the moment in Italy there are 6 victims, but they are all over the age of 60 and who had other pathologies that have degenerated the state of health.
In China, on the other hand, people of a relatively young age also died, such as the doctor from Wuhan (35 years old)



Some call on others to avoid psychosis. The truth is that it takes balance and to avoid contagion or at least decrease the percentage, it is necessary to apply some good and simple practices and nothing extraordinary.

In Italy, which is currently third in the world in the number of infections, TV and newspapers are broadcasting updates hour by hour, with special TG after hours, and often people get anxious, as has happened in many northern cities Italy, where supermarket shelves have emptied.

But it can also happen instead of having the opposite, and that is a boldness and lightness .. and often you see people who cough you in the face or even challenge fate by frequenting crowded places in the doubt of having contracted the virus. In Italy the airplanes at risk have been closed by the army and a transgression of the law can lead to three years in prison