Today (29th Feb) is World Rare Disease Day


The 13th World Rare Disease Day is celebrated today. This year the theme is dedicated to equity as access to equal opportunities to enhance the potential of people with a rare disease.
February 29 – it says – is a rare day and was chosen as the day of rare diseases. The term Rare Diseases indicates those conditions whose prevalence in the population is less than 5 cases per 10,000 inhabitants. They are heterogeneous conditions, very numerous (the World Health Organization has calculated the existence of approximately 8,000 known and diagnosed rare diseases) and represent a public health problem due to the strong impact on the population. The concept of rarity includes the diagnostic and care problems that rarity entails. That is, the difficulty in being diagnosed, the complexity of the approach, the chronicity, the onerousness of the treatment and management. This translates into long times for diagnosis, the need for a coordinated multidisciplinary approach, the need for a multisectoral approach, the need for a multidimensional approach. and to take care of. The task of health workers is to take care and this can be best accomplished by integrating scientific knowledge with deep solidarity.


29th February: leap year day


The famous popular proverb says: bisetile anno fatesta year .. will it be so? Regardless of beliefs and superstitions, 2020 began with one of the most perilous epidemics of recent decades. In addition, fires in Australia destroyed several hectares of land in early December.
How will a person born on February 29th celebrate his birthday? I imagine you celebrate it the day before (February 28), as it happens for name days. Today, moreover, it is also the world day of rare diseases .. as if this theme was linked to the rarity of this day.

February is also generally one of the coldest months of the year together with January. In March, although it is called crazy, it is almost always a warmer month. But this year, February was also a very hot month for many nations due to strange weather conditions.