CORONAVIRUS – All Italy blocked: all citizens will not be able to move from their municipality without serious motivation until April 3


Few times I vent in critical post but this time it is really necessary. The Italian government issues 1 decree a day based on the evolution of coronavirus infections. Until yesterday only the Lombardy region was closed but from now on all Italy is closed and this is because before the decree closing the north, there was a news leak that allowed thousands of people to flee from north to south , putting the whole country at serious risk .. It is ridiculous enough that an entire country is on its knees for a virus that not only has low mortality but affects only the elderly and there are no beds for intensive care .. L Italy is becoming the laughing stock of the world and it will be difficult to recover from this situation, especially for the compromised global image.

Sometimes I think that Italy is governed by a country of old Masons because life in the other European countries runs smoothly, or almost as if nothing happened. Health comes first, but in this case we are paradoxical of everything …

If I think that Italy has a free health system instead other countries (such as the USA) cannot afford hospitalization without a credit card, it makes us smile. The truth is that by missing hospital beds, doctors would be forced to take responsibility for giving priority to the young people most likely to survive …

Even masses and all religious services were interrupted … No country had come to this except China …

When I think that American soldiers risk their lives every day while Italian citizens must stay at home in order not to infect ‘grandparents’, it is the parody of an apocalypse without values ​​…

The streets are empty, few people around. Only supermarkets are obliged to remain open, to allow people to buy basic necessities. It is a country that is going crazy ..

44 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS – All Italy blocked: all citizens will not be able to move from their municipality without serious motivation until April 3

  1. “American soldiers risk their lives”
    … while wreaking havoc and war all over the world. Nobody invited those fuckers and their NATO and UN gang members into their countries. Not the Koreans, not the Vienamese, not the Iraqis, not the Syrians. Ultimately the level of my commiseration with American troops stays very low low loooow. The world would be a far better place with those parasites gone. :/

      1. Wrong! The United States are most likely to start the third world war.They are at the very heart of every conflict around the planet. If not directly than by CIA infiltration and orchestration. Iraq, Lybia, Syria would all be little kingdoms of sand and oil suppliers nobody cares about. But thanks to US intervention we have ISIS and a whole region in turmoil.
        I bet Iran will be next. The most peaceful nation on earth! I wonder how the US will spin that story so everybody will shout hooray and invade that great country.

    1. As an American , I understand how you feel about our troops, but as the sister, granddaughter , neice and sister in law of military people , our troops didn’t WANT to come into your country, they are doing what was asked of them by the United States government . They didn’t want to be in those countries either. This virus has NOTHING to do with the virus from hell , so don’t compare the two, please.

      1. “As an American ,”

        “I understand how you feel about our troops,”
        Has nothing to do with feelings, I don’t care about such puny human emotions.

        “but as the sister, granddaughter , neice and sister in law of military people ,”
        Anecdotal, personal, irrelevant.

        “our troops didn’t WANT to come into your country,”
        They are not in my country but they are in enough countries and on a pillaging crusade since longer than most of us are in this world.

        “they are doing what was asked of them by the United States government .”
        Uh ok, if that is the case than I don’t know why the Iraqis and Iranis and Cubans and countless other victims states are so angry about. Asking myself why they don’t kill their babies and young men directly, to save you the dirty work. If only we’d known about their brittle little mindsets. 😦

        Oh jeebuz, girl, that’s not how it works! Not a single person on the planet gives a wet towel about the personal motivation or the psychological fitness of any American soldier. They are creating chaos and death wherever they go and are the last hurdle on the way to world peace.
        You know why, don’t you?

        “They didn’t want to be in those countries either.”
        And yet, there they are. And I can already tell you what their next victim will be.

        “This virus has NOTHING to do with the virus from hell , so don’t compare the two, please.”
        This virus = COVID-19, Virus from hell = American bombing and invasion? Or what did you mean with that sentence?
        And it wasn’t me comparing anything. I don’t know why, but out of the blue Gabriele stated this bullshit:
        “When I think that American soldiers risk their lives every day while Italian citizens must stay at home in order not to infect ‘grandparents’, it is the parody of an apocalypse without values ​​…”

        WTF has that to do with anything? Does he think American soldiers are doing the world a favour? What an absurdly crazy thought.

        And how was I, as the only adult thinker in this section, supposed to react? American soldiers risk their lives because they were told so by US gov’mt, not by anyone else, ffs! And they risk – and end – the lives of many more people than themselves.

        They must go home! Nobody wants them anywhere!
        And if you, as the sister, daughter, niece, granddaugter and everything of one or more US soldiers you should fight for their save return home, instead of pleading for understanding. “Sorry, for my uncle killing your newborn baby, he really didn’t even wanna be in your shithole country.Your baby could still be alive had you surrendered your oil fields and let us install one of our own puppets as your new very “democratic” president” doesn’t fly anymore.

      2. You have a nice day too in your happy little world bubble. Mixing up facts with political opinion already shows us enough about your small woman mindset. I still hope your military family parts will make it out of there save and sound. And next time think first before going in so blindly and such a primitive ideology.

      3. Good Lord! What an honorable and wonderful heritage in your family tree going back generations! God, I feel privileged to actually have bumped into you this way and have an opportunity to know you, even if in such a limited capacity it is both refreshing and exhilarating having the association! If you were here or me there I would truly appreciate a handshake and hug but absolutely long after the health concerns have abated, for our own good. Thank you again very much, for sharing your perspective and even personal history like you have! I’ll look forward to other opportunities to converse! Have a wonderful weekend. Amen.

      4. Yes Ma’am, you know I won’t argue with that!
        This discussion got me in a mood for a certain movie I’ve seen once after its theatrical release, which I think is a neat story, but it has an few actors I appreciate too, especially the star Denzel Washington, in “John Q.” It’s a movie after all, but it has a faith component to it which is strong, I actually met Denzel many years ago and it was an interesting experience in NYC on a film set, his family was originally from your part of the country but he grew up in the Bronx and NYC area. His dad studied theology “a native of Buckingham County, Virginia, an ordained Pentecostal minister, while an employee of the New York City Water Department, a pastor for the Church of God in Christ, and his mom Lennis “Lynne” was a beauty parlor owner.” Maybe if you haven’t seen it yourself you should see if it’s available and check it out. I had the DVD for some years and I search for them on ebay for my collection but also find some at times in Wal-Mart. I like any of the older movies generally from way back up to a few current ones but they don’t make many of the powerful human interest faith genre ones anymore. The formula changed too much when the money got crazy and control of the industry transferred to overseas conglomerates and influences, namely China.
        Praise Jesus!

    1. Christina Kyranis, I truly understand but please maintain your faith and you are going to be fine. Of course being prudent and following the good advice that some others have suggested is going to help but I do believe in the power of prayer and I’ve experienced this firsthand so I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it and have had the experience. I’ll say a prayer for you and your loved ones as soon as I get off this blog. Have a restful weekend and eat well too. Perhaps, this very short blog I wrote will be beneficial. Some of my others are tough I admit, but I at times feel like I can’t do the sugar coating of facts just to appease; and I would rather say it like it is, although what’s paramount and the key, is that there is always HOPE! God bless You and Yours. Amen.

  2. I think it is getting CRAZY more so than anything else. Most of this is just paranoia and panic rather than logic and good sanitation. be careful and be prepared, but LIVE your lives. The flu kills way more people than this virus.

  3. Orca Flotta you might want to check your fire and what you’re smoking! Your blanket statement is completely unfounded and false! If the free world followed your prescription for your dreamed Utopia; WWII would have gone to the devils and most of Europe would have been living under the mad man Hitler as their Führer! And the communist regimes in South East Asia fueled by “the world’s largest communist powers, the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China, both lent material and support to North Vietnam. In doing so, they hoped to consolidate and expand communism in the Asian hemisphere, bog the United States down in a long, expensive conflict abroad and thus gain an advantage in the Cold War.” Leading to nuclear weapons proliferation and supremacy then world dominance!
    You appear to be on the wrong side of history or think you can rewrite it! To listen to people like you who don’t have a clue and would rather have had people ruled, under the Marxist leader Pol Pot,, “the Khmer Rouge tried to take Cambodia back to the Middle Ages, forcing millions of people from the cities to work on communal farms in the countryside.” Under his brutal regime the bodies stacked up to the tops of trees!!! Under that monster and the many others like him fueled by the communists of the USSR and China he crushed the people, and freedom was nonexistent; only total control and death prevailed!
    Pol Pot led one of the most brutal regimes that have ever existed in the human history. “He killed over a quarter the total of Cambodian’s population. (the killing fields) If Vietnam had not helped us to overthrow Pol Pot, then many things could happen to Cambodia”.

    Perhaps some reading will broaden your horizons on what sort of people you prefer to be running the show!
    Because no matter how you slice it people will rule others and there are always the lesser of the evils to choose from! Don’t dare try bashing the United States lady, they saved many a nation from monsters like Hitler and the SS who had France and Italy in its clutches during WWII, and no US Military ever did what the communists and Nazis did slaughtering their own people or who they deemed undesirables by the millions like Josef Stalin did in Russia and Pol Pot in Cambodia!
    People like the brutal Chinese Commie leader Ho Chi Minh and Pol Pot would have played right into the game plan for an entire Asian Continent to be ruled by brutal atheist Communism! You should thank God that didn’t happen and even just for the peasants who would be living there under such a horror!

    1. I won’t honour your falsehoods with a response, neither you nor your senseless scribble are worthy of that much labour. Too many idiocies in your post, it would take me days to prove every single one wrong.

      1. Wonderful; as I’m not interested in anything you think or say and surely wouldn’t read them, so yes, you would be wasting more of your time as you obviously do regularly as an internet troll! Goodbye and Good Riddance; instigator!

  4. gabrieleromano you are correct and Orca doesn’t know what she is talking about or is a communist! Very messed up people running around flapping their lips and making no sense!

      1. Exactly what you need, and truth along with them. Do your own homework, I have better things to do and people to share Jesus Christ with than a radical closed minded minion! Perhaps you would benefit going to communist China and ask the leadership there for some FACTS, be sure you have an army with you though, if you’re planning on going back home! Good Luck.

      2. You apparently have always been an athlete and maintained good health! You are wise and prudent to be that concerned in your more fragile condition now and I hope you can maintain a strong health and clear view of the truth as you apparently have done and seek to maintain. I had an industrial chemical inhalation work injury that made my system more susceptible to respiratory illness, so I know how you are feeling and my heart goes out to you!. God Bless.
        PS I messed up and put a message to the wrong person before I think; was meant for Orca.

      3. Fantastic, so good that you got the correction right away as I was a little under the weather lately, not the COVID-19 thank God, but no excuses I was in too much of a hurry and left a message in the wrong part of the cue making it appear like the FACTS comment was directed to you, when it was meant for Orca . You know you just reminded me how my mom was always telling us don’t pick on or ridicule this or that person even if they were mean to you, because they need God so much, so pray for that person, and my dad would warn us not to ever fight fire with fire; such wise parents we have had! I had left an earlier long rebuttal message that I had spent some time on for her and it was ignored outright, which showed me I was dealing with someone that isn’t going to hear my reasoning or appreciate my consideration in providing some well documented facts of history. I only explain this now because of your genuine interest, so we can share this with anyone who might be reading and needs the input or clarification, we never know who our words may reach and inspire. I hope Orca can resolve some of her thinking and ideas or questions, as you have reminded me; that should be my bottom line. Thanks for the great input.

    1. Hmmm, yes, I only studied Eastern European history at university, so I have no fukn clue what I’m talking about. And no, not a fukn commie neither, just a social democrat, human rights activist and antfascist. Man, I’m politically active since I was 13, so already as a virgin a politically educated person.
      I guess with all the badly researched, anecdotal and badly messed up arguments it is in fact you who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      1. Again, stumped your own words and tongue; “ I’m politically active since I was 13, so already as a virgin; just a social democrat, human rights activist and antfascist.” I figure you think every little girl should want to be one of those! You left out the most important one, that you’re antichrist! And, your rhetoric is easily recognizable as communist, no such animal as a true democrat that’s a socialist! Your brainwashing did indeed begin early in your life, and it took very well, you are under the spell of falsehood and evil! Goodnight.

      2. “You think every little girl should want to be one of those!”
        No, why would I care about insignificant shit like that? The one in the business of catching souls is you. All you write is so perfecty populist propaganda lies, you must be one of those extreme rightwing Americans. Figures.

        “You left out the most important one, that you’re antichrist!”
        No, I’m anti-christian. That’s something different. Not wanting to share my belief-system with an anti-human, rotten characters like you, doesn’t make me an anti-christ. FFS, get a fukn brain!

        “And, your rhetoric is easily recognizable s communist,”
        Wrong.My rhetoric is easily recognizable as that of someone trying to communicate in a strange foreign language. It can’t be communist because I am no communist.”

        “no such animal as a true democrat that’s a socialist!”
        Oh whoa! So you state here you don’t believe in democracy? Shall we ask Gabriele to block you from posting here? Or shall we call the police right away? But I guess the troll police shall do for now.

        Also a social democrat is not a democratic socialist. Educate yourself before you try to converse with superior human beings, you sad little troglodyte.

  5. ajeanneinthekitchen kudos to you and you are absolutely spot-on correct! People are being played and this is all contrived and part of the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA! During the 1800’s and into the 19’00’s people dripped like flies from Diphtheria, Small Pox and TB all over the place every year, God the common cold back then killed people in the prime of life that was why the life span was 30’s to 40’s beyond that was huge! People had life so hard back then and they didn’t run and panic or hide from life the way the MSM wants us all to now! Its part of a sinister plan! I’ve visited historical cemeteries and studied the life spans of many of those folks and whole families were wiped out by the flu or these other bad bugs that people were fairly defenseless from. Like you said using good hygiene and keeping one’s body healthy with a strong immune system is the best way to live and live long!

  6. We didn’t take this seriously here in the United States either and as a result we have the situation we have. I am 67 years old with medical issues and you bet your ass I’m worried. I’ve had the flu and been out of work as an airline employee because of it. Sorry, the virus from Hell is NOTHING like the flu.

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