This is one of the hits of the moment … I don’t like the song but I place it the same because the singer has become popular all over the world.

“Ilomilo” is a song from her debut studio album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. The singer wrote the track with its producer, Finneas O’Connell. Universal Music sent the song to Italian contemporary hit radio on April 10, 2020, as the album’s seventh single.


Told you not to worry
But maybe that’s a lie
Honey, what’s your hurry?
Won’t you stay inside?
Remember not to get too close to stars
They’re never gonna give you love like ours
Where did you go?
I should know, but it’s cold
And I don’t wanna be lonely
So show me the way home
I can’t lose another life
Hurry, I’m worried
The world’s a little blurry
Or maybe it’s my eyes
The friends I’ve had to bury
They keep me up at night
Said I couldn’t love someone
‘Cause I might break
If you’re gonna die, not by mistake
So, where did you go?
I should know, but it’s cold
And I don’t wanna be lonely
So tell me you’ll come home
Even if it’s just a lie
I tried not to upset you
Let you rescue me the day I met you
I just wanted to protect you
But now I’ll never get to
Hurry, I’m worried
Where did you go?
I should know, but it’s cold
And I don’t wanna be lonely
Was hoping you’d come home
I don’t care if it’s a lie


6 thoughts on “🎵 BILLIE EILISH – Ilomilo

  1. “I don’t like the song”

    I’d even go one step further and ask “what song?”. That is just some lyrics on top of some mindless backtrack, as minimalist as possible. Total absence of melody, no refrain, no bridge, no timing changes; this is as bad as we already know it from Taylor Swift and countless other “songwriters”.
    This is music for people who really don’t like music.

  2. I love that song one of my favorite’s on that album. My teenaged daughters turned me on to her before the release of this new complete studio production-Finneas is her brother She’s is super talented and just so organically cool

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