Trump’s new spokesperson debuts: 32-year-old Kayleigh McEnany “I’ll never lie to you”


WASHINGTON – Yesterday was the day of Kayleigh McEnany’s debut on the podium of the White House in front of the reporters. “I will never lie to you. I give you my word.” Trump’s first spokesman, Sean Spicer, made his debut in 2017 by spreading false information about the crowd rushing to the inauguration of the new president. At thirty-two McEnany succeeds Stephanie Grisham, who with his ten months in the service of the president, has not even had time to acclimatise. She is the youngest to fill the prestigious role of head of communication in the White House. Originally from Tampa, Florida, a republican family, she graduated in law from Harvard, studied in Oxford, was a correspondent for CNN and is very social. It is on Instagram that his whole life flows. Perfect, like in a movie. An important graduation, rich, blonde and with a postcard family: a 29-year-old husband, handsome and athletic, baseball player on the Tampa Bay Rays team and a wonderful little girl of a few months.

Elon Musk made Tesla’s shares lose 10 percent with a tweet


American businessman Elon Musk wrote on Twitter on Friday that the value of the shares of his tech company Tesla was too high, according to him. In just a few minutes, Tesla’s shares lost nearly 10 percent on the stock exchange, going from over $ 760 each to less than $ 690: a loss of capitalization – that is, the total value of the shares – of about 14 billion overall, and about 3 billion for Musk’s share only.

Musk is known for his controversial and seemingly impulsive tweets, which in the past had already created major consequences for society. In 2018, he announced cryptically on Twitter that Tesla would withdraw from the stock exchange, which hadn’t happened. The SEC, the U.S. stock exchange control agency, therefore requested that from then on its tweets with sensitive information should have been approved by an external commission. The Wall Street Journal asked Musk in an email if he was joking in the tweet and if he had checked before publishing it: “No,” Musk replied laconically.

Whatsapp: support for multi-device use is coming soon


The multi-device on WhatsApp will allow you to use the same account on multiple devices, be they smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. And, along with support for multi-device, compatibility with iPad should also come. At the moment, however, WhatsApp is far behind the competition, which has supported the multi-device for some time: an account can only be configured on the smartphone, and the latter must be active in order to use the service on other devices as well. Thanks to the novelty, however, WhatsApp will be usable everywhere even if the smartphone is turned off, as is the case on other similar services.