6th May: International No Diet Day


Today, May 6, the day is dedicated to the fight against obsessive diets: International No Diet Day.

This day does not want to deny the importance of keeping fit and paying attention to one’s health, but wants to focus attention on all those eating disorders that can arise from the bad relationship we have with our body, leading us to follow diets, only capable of being harmful to ourselves, because they are not properly calibrated, as any good diet should be.

In No Diet Day it aims to help with the acceptance of one’s weight, raise awareness of the discrimination faced by those who are overweight and want to remember the fact that there is a great chance that diets will fail.

The idea of ​​this day was born in Great Britain in 1992 from the mind of ex-anorexic Mary Evans Young, founder of the Diet Breakers association and author of books in which she also tells about her past linked to an anorexia nervosa problem.

Since 1992, the No Diet Day has been celebrated on May 6 especially in England, but also in the rest of the world.

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