8th June 2020: Word Ocean Day


World Oceans Day is an international day that takes place annually on the 8th of June. The concept was originally proposed in 1992 by Canada’s International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD) and the Ocean Institute of Canada (OIC) at the Earth Summit – UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. World Oceans Day was officially recognised by the United Nations in 2008. The International day supports the implementation of worldwide Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and fosters public interest in the management of the ocean and its resources.

The day in 2020 is dedicated to “Innovation for a sustainable ocean”. There are many initiatives all or almost via the web for the known restrictions worldwide due to Covid-19. The conference “Conference on the Ocean” scheduled in Lisbon from 2 to 6 June will not take place for this reason the United Nations has decided to do a virtual event in the presence of different personalities linked to the seas and oceans. And the instructions from the Secretary General Antonio Guterres which will end with a concert dedicated to the oceans with the involvement of musicians from all over the world.