ITALY, covid19: The state of emergency will be extended at the end of the year!


Maybe someone had some doubts or hoped at least that the emergency (at least the peak) had passed, but objectively it was almost obvious that the state of emergency in Italy was extended until the end of the year.
The infections, albeit low, are always there and are constant; they are mainly present in the northern regions, where the population density is clearly higher than in the southern Italian areas.

This news does not provide any good for the markets, which will suffer a further arrest. But frankly in March, when the pandemic broke out, it was clear that this situation would continue all year round. The decisive period will be autumn: with the reopening of the schools, in fact, a further peak of the infections is expected, which hopefully will not reach the levels at the beginning of the year.

Despite all this, there are still those who argue that the emergency is only one invention of the state that wants to impose its own dictatorship. It is true that the infections have decreased but only thanks to social distancing and masks ..

6 thoughts on “ITALY, covid19: The state of emergency will be extended at the end of the year!

  1. Em todo o mundo existe a ideia de que as medidas de proteção adotadas por diferentes governos são ditatoriais, entretanto verifica-se que estas medidas estão sendo eficazes no controle desse vírus chines que se espalhou pelo mundo.

  2. With the ever-chsnging of how fast this virus is, adapting, there’s, no other way, to ensure the people’s, welfare, by, shutting everything down, it’s, a, necessary, evil, that must be, done…

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