A difficult autumn is expected

A few days of September have already passed and here in Italy you can already feel the change of season. Although the days are still sunny, the temperatures are no longer like the summer ones and going to the beach is only worthwhile on unventilated days and during peak hours.
Almost all of them will have resumed their work, because in September there are few who go on vacation; and most will have already made a plan for the next few months, which are expected to be tough from a social point of view, due to the pandemic that with the reopening of schools (next week) could trigger a new wave with consequent lockdown.

State aid will not be able to last forever, and the blocking of layoffs imposed by the Italian state could end soon .. so the sooner the vaccine is introduced the better it will be for the good of the country. This also applies to the rest of the world. Until now we have been able to observe the effects of the pandemic mainly in the spring period … but autumn is the most difficult period because in addition to the reopening of the schools there will also be the flu and the cold to worsen the situration

5 thoughts on “A difficult autumn is expected

  1. It’s a rich post and simple. Thank you for commentary, mainly this is the same everywhere around the world. I wish all the best for you and human race.

    Ps.: Last word contains a typo: “situation” instead of “situration”.

  2. It will also get harder for businesses like restaurants and cafes…right now they can offer outdoors seating for their customers. Once it gets cold, people will have to go indoors, where the chances of infection are greater. I expect the number of customers will go down, making it even harder for these businesses to survive. Yes, this fall will be tough.

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