Weapons subdue our freedom

Illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

Commenting on Pawel Kuczysnki’s drawings can often be trivial. But precisely because the obviousness of things is often overlooked that we become blind. Gun bullets are like makeup lipsticks. In a free and democratic country one might think that the use of weapons is part of one’s freedom. But it is freedom that concedes the use of weapons, or is it the use of weapons that decides freedom..? When the use of weapons rages in the world, force is thought to be the only way to dictate the law and freedom is disguised by the shortest means of reaching one’s ownPurposes:…

2 thoughts on “Weapons subdue our freedom

  1. Dear ROMANO. Thank you for your quality posts. For the first time i do not agree with the diection of your message on guns. I also dont like guns, BUT, the bandits, criminals, will ALWAYS have then. So, families must protect from them. Nor with swiss knifs but with guns too…

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