ITALY: new government and Slight fades of the ‘5 star movement’

The new Italian prime minister (premier) Mario Draghi

Probably most of the readers will not know Italian politics, both because it is slightly of interest at an international level and because the newspapers speak little about it. What has happened in recent weeks is quite serious: the previous government was brought down by opening a crisis in the forces of the majority of the parliament.

The causes of the fall of the government are many but the main one is that Matteo Renzi who formed his party in 2019 with many parliamentarians (but who currently has only 2% of votes in the polls) managed not to get the absolute majority to the government With you. In fact, in the first days of February, by voting for confidence in the Senate, Giuseppe Conte managed to snatch a narrow relative majority. And this could also allow to govern by avoiding resigning but it would probably have led to a stagnation in the country.

The president of the republic, who in these cases (when the minister of the council is vacant) has the maximum power and has decided to appoint Draghi, a prominent figure with a unique curriculum in the world. He was president of the bank of Italy and also president of the European central bank, directing precisely in the most crucial years, that is, after the world crisis of 2008-2009. Obviously it was not only the curriculum that motivated the choice, but also the fact that coming from a purely pro-European environment he would have reconciled agreements with the parties that had opened the crisis, despite the fact that there are many parties that do not accept this policy such as the ‘Five-Star movement’. , ‘The League’ and ‘Brothers of Italy’.

The one who is losing the most is the five-star movement, which obviously was the majority party and after having built the government twice, first with Salvini’s right and then with Zingaretti’s left, we see not only losing ministries but also to lose the consensus because many would have liked the movement to have abstained in the vote of confidence in Draghi. Consultations with the new premier were made by all parties but obviously since the primary requirement was to form the government the demands from the leaders were minimal. Beppe Grillo, leader of the 5 stars is to form a ministry for ecological transition but judging by the elected minister, few seem satisfied. In fact, one of the reasons that forced the five stars to support the new government was the risk of losing what has been done up to now. There is no doubt that the movement has done many things in these two and a half years of its term. The citizenship income, the one hundred share for the pension, the law sweeps corrupt, the abolition of the statute of limitations in the judicial reform, and also the competitions in public school.

However, what surprised everyone was the presence in the new government of the ministers of ‘Forza Italia’ (Berlusconi). Some already envisaged this because it was Berlusconi himself who included Mario Draghi at the helm of the European Central Bank. But it is obviously a return to the past, above all because the ministers inserted in the government have been part of the previous legislatures, with not exciting results. If the government lasts until the end of the mandate (i.e. 2023) it will still be a great result for Draghi’s team because almost everyone speculates that the current government will also hold up to be able to elect the president of the republic in the white semester (period in which it is not possible to dissolve your houses of parliament). I doubt that this government will revolutionize the decisions regarding the covid, but it will “limit itself” to better manage the money of the recovery plan, which certainly is coveted by many political parties. It is obvious that a worsening of infections or a delay in vaccination will not help the new government, which will be forced to make decisions based on the evolution of the epidemic. Although it is noted that this government is currently less criticized than the previous one, which in my view has worked miracles, above all by being the first country in the world to have to apply a tough lockdown. Whatever happens these last two years of legislature, I hope that the movement does not dissolve, because new dissidents are starting to emerge within the movement: not everyone agrees to support this government, which is more and more like caste and strong powers. ..

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