https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irwea_BVBhI&ab_channel=AlvaroSolerVEVO LYRICSalgo, vente a tomar algoTráete una canciónPor si todo sale bien (sale bien)Oye, móntate en mi cocheVámonos de aquíPor si todo sale bienY nada importa hoyTe vienes o te vienes, ¿sí o no? Uoh-ohPorque la magia de tus ojos me hace verQue la vida es una canciónPorque la magia de tus labios me habla … Continue reading 🎵 ALVARO SOLER – Magia

Flower Power — Photos by Donna

. A gallery of colors!  I don’t know flower names near as well as birds 😏 but I still enjoyed photographing Florida’s flowers this past winter. . . “Just living is not enough….one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Andersen . .Flower Power — Photos by Donna

Friday Birding My Favorite Thing — Into the Light Adventures

Friday Birding My Favorite Thing, every now and than the beautiful Pileated Woodpecker stops by. Never in a great spot for a photo. He likes to be up very high and there are always sticks blocking my view of him. But, you can still see his red feathers on top of his head. Such a…Friday Birding … Continue reading Friday Birding My Favorite Thing — Into the Light Adventures

Saturday Surprise — For The Birds! — Filosofa’s Word

Well, folks, it’s Saturday and time to give our brains a brief respite, to relax and find something enjoyable to focus on.  In that vein, I have discovered a wildlife photographer, Tim Flach, who has done some truly amazing work.  He has photographed endangered species, does commissions to photograph family pets, but the collection I […]Saturday … Continue reading Saturday Surprise — For The Birds! — Filosofa’s Word

MAX GAZZE’ – Considerando

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w32kHvhbH0w LYRIC Potremmo vivere felici e stare a un passo dal peccatoMagari farci del male, finire e ricominciarePotremmo perdere la testa e fare un sacco di stronzateEssere il dente che duole, metti gli occhiali da soleC'è chi si ferma e crede solo alla realtàChi chiude gli occhi e fa l'amoreConsiderando l'ottimismo, quel passaggio necessario a … Continue reading MAX GAZZE’ – Considerando