’21-04-13° PHOTOS OF GAMBATESA [Molise, Italy]

Gambatesa (Iammatése in Molise) is an Italian town of 1 359 inhabitants in the province of Campobasso, in Molise. It is about 30 kilometers east from the capital and about 10 kilometers from the border between Molise and Puglia. Located on the hill and surrounded by greenery, it offers a wide view of the Occhito lake; it has an extension of 43 km². Probably the center existed in Roman times, even if it developed as a castle of the Lombards in the eighth century. The name comes from a physical defect of the first owner. The castle developed in the Angevin period in the thirteenth century, under the control of Riccardo Pietravalle, favorite of Roberto D’Angiò. In 1399 Ladislao di Durazzo granted the fief to the Galluccio family of Naples. In the 15th century it passed to Andrea di Capua, hence the name of the castle. The Caracciolo family was the last dynasty to have feudal control of Gambatesa, until 1806. Subsequently, with the establishment of the Molise region, the center became part of the Campobasso state property. Traditions and folklore The “Maitunate” festival, in addition to being the oldest New Year in Molise, is the oldest and most characteristic popular event in Gambatesa, which involves the entire population. It takes place from the evening of December 31st to the evening of January 1st of each year, and has as its stage the squares, streets, alleys and thresholds of the houses of friends, relatives and authorities.

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