⚽ 📺 11th June: Today the European Soccer 202(1) begins

Today the European Football Championships begin, which should have been played the previous year, but which instead, due to the covid, are held postponed by one year. Europeans are the most important event after the World Cup (at least for Europe) of course. Today the first noteworthy match is that of Italy that will face Turkey. Italy is among the strongest teams but not the one among the favorites to win the final. The favorite teams are France, England and Germany


⚽ 🎵 Martin Garrix feat Bono the Edge – We Are the People [OFFICIAL SONG OF EURO 2020*]

Today finally the Europeans begin and despite everything they are called EURO 2020, because obviously postponed due to the pandemic. Obviously, the official song of the European football team could not be missing, which this year is sung by BONO (of U2) whose text was written to pay homage to people forced to stay in isolation and to give hope of sociability.