Kazakhstan will host the largest plant in the world for the production of green hydrogen

An agreement has been signed between Svevind, a German company that has been developing and implementing large-scale onshore wind energy projects since 1998, and Kazakh Invest National Company JSC, the national investment promotion agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for the construction of the most largest green hydrogen production site in the world.

The project involves the installation of wind and photovoltaic plants for about 45 GW located in the vast steppes of western and central Kazakhstan, renewable energy sources that will power up to 30 GW of hydrogen production systems with an estimated annual production of about 3 million. tons of hydrogen.

Consider that currently the largest plant for the production of green hydrogen is owned by Air Liquide in Canada and has “only” 20 MW of electrolysers.

“Hydrogen energy is very productive, technological and efficient to use. This energy resource can be used in transport, daily life, energy and industry. The promotion of low-carbon development is in line with the strategic development direction of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its obligations under international agreements. Through the development of hydrogen energy, Kazakhstan can achieve its niche in the global supply of green hydrogen, ”said Meirzhan Yussupov, chairman of the board of Kazakh Invest.

Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world and the eighteenth least densely populated on the planet: with 7 seven people per square kilometer. The boundless plains of the Kazakh steppe occupy a third of the country, they are not the windiest areas on the planet, but the climate is still favorable, and also boasts an advantageous position to enter both the Asian and European markets.

An investment that wants to lay the foundations for the future of the country which wants to maintain the title of the most prosperous in Central Asia, with currently an economy largely dependent on oil and crude exports, but which in the future could be based precisely on the commercialization of hydrogen from renewable sources, exploiting the worldwide trend of decarbonisation in the coming decades.

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