Virgin Galactic’s historic space launch

The company of billionaire Richard Branson opens the era of tourism in space a few days before that of Jeff Bezos, who did not take it well

On Sunday afternoon Italian time, the flight of the Virgin Galactic space plane is scheduled to begin, the space company of the British billionaire Richard Branson who will be aboard the aircraft for the first time. The flight of the VSS Unity – this is the name of the space plane – with Branson on board will exceed 80 kilometers of altitude, a threshold beyond which, according to some internationals, space begins and anticipates a similar flight of the Blue Origin space company by a few days. , scheduled for July 20, which will host billionaire and founder Jeff Bezos.

Branson, in short, will go to space before Bezos, and even if that of Virgin Galactic is still official for an experimental flight, with a group composed exclusively of company employees, for many it will be a fundamental moment in the field of space travel for private citizens.

The goal of both Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin is to shortly begin inaugurating suborbital flights for private and wealthy passengers who intend to pay large sums per course for a few minutes for weightlessness during a space travel. The two companies, both led by famous and exuberant billionaires, however, responded two very different ways to get into space.

The flight of the VSS Unity spacecraft will depart from Virgin Galactic’s Spaceport America, located in New Mexico, United States. It will also be a remarkable event from a media point of view: it will be streamed and presented by Stephen Colbert, the famous American comic and television presenter. Singer Khalid is expected to give a performance, and billionaire Elon Musk, founder of the space company SpaceX, has hinted that he may be present.

2 thoughts on “Virgin Galactic’s historic space launch

  1. In the UK this billionaire pays no taxes and wanted a £500million bail out for one of his companies. I would rather he paid his fair share in taxes before funding these adventures.

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