Willowwood Arboretum — National Parks With T

Welcome back to National Parks and other public lands with T! Willowwood Arboretum evolved from a 1791 farm. In 1908, the Tubbs brothers purchased the Kenneday Homestead as a country home. Originally named Paradise Farm, the Tubbs renamed it Willowwood after the willow trees growing on the property. Henry and Robert Tubbs, and Henry’s adopted…

Willowwood Arboretum — National Parks With T

2 thoughts on “Willowwood Arboretum — National Parks With T

  1. I’ve been to sequoia national park and it is, in a word, humbling.

    There is a stretch of road in California just north of the Golden Gate bridge, where people live among the redwood trees. They’re so tall and wide that it looks like dusk all the time.

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