Intel’s next US factory will in fact be a small town

A structure that will integrate 6 to 8 blocks for the production of chips, with 10,000 employees and 100,000 people involved with the related industries. In fact, Intel will build a small town dedicated to silicon

Intel’s development plans for the next few years are strongly linked to the IDM 2.0 strategy, a name that identifies Intel’s project linked to the production of semiconductors on behalf of customers. The company’s goal for the next few years is to sustain growth not only by producing its own solutions but also by dedicating itself to building chips developed by other companies. Hence the desire to build a new campus which, in terms of size and number of people involved in the production, directly and indirectly, will take on the size and scope of a small town. On campus there will be space from 6 to 8 units dedicated to the production and packaging of the chips, using the proprietary technologies that the company has announced over the past few weeks. Each module dedicated to the production of chips is expected to cost between 10 and 15 billion US dollars, a figure that could lead to an overall cost of the entire structure in excess of 100 million dollars.

In the 10 years since the start of construction, this new campus will see the employment of approximately 10,000 employees, with a total of 100,000 new jobs created through the related industries. Given the size and the number of people involved, it is easy to imagine that Intel could build the new campus near a big city, also taking advantage of the university structure to find new qualified personnel to hire. Pat Gelsinger anticipated that by the end of the year it will be indicated where in the United States this new production complex will be built. The production should take place in the course of 2024, so it will take a few more years for this initiative to see the light. This development move by Intel confirms how strongly the company is interested in expanding its business by increasingly turning to customers who will delegate the production of their solutions to it. What was anticipated by the company during the Intel Accelerated event of the past weeks leaves no room for doubt: a strategy made up of increasingly sophisticated production processes, flanked by technologies for packaging and interconnections that will allow the production of chips that at the moment they do not exist and will be the future of technological development in the coming years.


The revenge of Britney Spears, a father ready to step back

(FILES) In this file photo taken on July 14, 2021 a woman holds a poster of Britney with her mouth taped shut as fans and supporters gather outside the Los Angeles County Courthouse in Los Angeles during a scheduled hearing in the Britney Spears guardianship case. – Britney Spears’ father is to step down as conservator of her estate, US media reported August 12, 2021, seemingly ending a bitter legal battle with his daughter. Britney, 39, last month launched a bid to remove him from the controversial guardianship role that she said amounted to “abuse.” (Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP)

Britney Spears is closer to freedom: her father Jamie, who has exercised strict control over her financial assets for 13 years, has the right to give up his role as guardian. “It’s an important victory and a step towards justice”, rejoiced the new lawyer of the pop star, Mathew Rosengart, although Jamie has not indicated the date on which Britney will be able to regain control of her life: ‘Fixed some matters Mr. Spears will be in a position to step aside “, the documents presented in court read:” But there are no urgent circumstances that justify his immediate suspension “. Britney has been under legal guardianship since 2008: that year, after a couple of sensational and public mental breakdowns, her father got the court to submit her to “custodianship”, a legal institution usually applied to very old or seriously ill people. Against the opinion of fans, the family has always argued that legal protection saved the pop star’s life and finances. Of a different opinion, they note how, not even six months after the court decision, the singer was psychologically a fan able to resume her musical career, recording albums, doing concerts throughout the United States and earning millions of dollars promptly closed by Jamie. in the safe with the excuse that otherwise the daughter would have hoped for them. In the last year, however, either for the claustrophobia from Covid, or for the approach of the 40th birthday, the former Disney child prodigy has become increasingly intolerant to the paternal yoke. The latest twist does not mean, however, that the #FreeBritney movement can definitively claim victory: “There is no reason to suspend or remove Jamie Spears and it is questionable that doing so would be in Britney’s best interest,” the attorney told the court. of his father Vivian Thoreen.

🎵 Silk Sonic) (Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak) – SKATE

Skate” is a song by American super-duo Silk Sonic, consisting of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak. It was released on July 30, 2021, as the second single from Silk Sonic’s upcoming debut studio album, An Evening with Silk Sonic.

On July 30, 2021, “Skate” was released as the second single via digital download and streaming services in various countries by Aftermath Entertainment and Atlantic Records. On the same date, Warner Music Group also released the track to be added to Italian contemporary hit radio stations. American adult contemporary radio stations began adding the track onto their playlists on August 2, 2021, through Atlantic Records.

The music video arrived alongside the song release on July 30, featuring vintage visuals. It was directed by Mars, Florent Déchard and Philippe Tayag. The video sees Mars and Paak playing drums as ladies rollerskate around them.


Oh my, oh myIn a room full of dimes
You would be a hundred dollars
If bein’ fine was a crime
Girl, they’d lock your lil’ fine ass up in a tower
The way you move like you do
Ooh, it’s like you do it for a livin’
Do a lil’ spin, do it again
Shit, look like you playin’ for the win, oh, babyI’m tryna roll, I’m tryna ride
I’m tryna float, I’m tryna glide
No, no, don’t be shy, just take my hand and hold on tightOh, skate to me, baby (skate)
Slide your way on over (slide your way on over)
Oh, skate to me, baby (skate)
I wanna get to know ya (I wanna get to know ya)
Come on
Oh my, oh myGot your hair in the wind and your skin glistenin’
I can smell your sweet perfume
Mmm, you smell better than a barbecue
Oh, superstar is what you are
I’m your biggest fan
If you’re lookin’ for a man, sugar, here I am
OohI’m tryna roll, I’m tryna ride (I’m tryna vibe with ya darlin’)
I’m tryna float, I’m tryna glide
Oh, no, no, don’t be shy, just take my hand and hold on tightOh, skate to me, baby (skate)
Slide your way on over (slide your way on over)
Oh, skate to me, baby (skate)
Uh, I wanna get to know ya (I wanna get to know ya)I never fall, but tonight you got me fallin’ for you
And only you, you
I’m reachin’ out in hopes that you reach for me too
Girl, let’s groove
Girl, you got me singin’, “ooh”
My, oh my, my, oh my
My, oh my, my, oh myOh, skate to me, baby (skate)
Come on, slide your way on over (slide your way on over)
Oh, skate to me, baby (skate)
Ah, I wanna get to know you, girl (I wanna get to know ya)
Skate to me, my baby (skate)
Just slide your way on over (slide your way on over)
Oh, skate to me, my baby (skate)
I wanna get to know ya (I wanna get to know ya)