No, Fluent Design won’t make Windows11 slower

Materiale Mica Windows 11

Windows 11 is undoubtedly the character of the moment at Microsoft: the final version is expected in October of this year, but 99% of the doubts about it seem to have already been resolved. One among all, the concern of some users that the new design introduced by the operating system could, in some way, have a negative impact on the performance of the PC. Thought that would arise from the fact that Microsoft is trying a totally different approach regarding Fluent Design on Windows 11, implementing it on all pages and apps. The renewal of this design leads to the introduction of “Mica”, a design element that, unlike the Aero themes of Windows 7 & co., Does not focus on the transparency of the elements but makes sure to color the background of the app you are using, creating a sort of “visual hierarchy”. In currently available trial versions, Mica is viewable in apps such as Windows Explorer, Settings, or Microsoft Teams. Photo credit: Newer Windows Windows 11 Mica material How does this relate to the discourse of impact on performance? Someone thought that using this design, the desktop background is “saved” for each frame, in order to blur. In reality this is not the case, since the blur is performed only once, precisely to avoid overloading the CPU too much with a substantially useless workload. On the other hand, we are not surprised by the fact that Microsoft aims to make its new operating system slimmer, especially after the statements in which the company stated that performance is one of the most important priorities, so we are constantly making sure that any new features are introduced. in this case we refer to the Mica material and the rounded corners of the windows, which replace the classic pointed corners) does not have negative effects on the operating system.


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