Kamala Harris’ Mysterious “Abnormal Health Accident”: Does She Have Havana Syndrome?

US Vice President Kamala Harris’s arrival from Singapore to Vietnam was delayed for a few hours on Tuesday 24 August due to fears of an “abnormal health incident” which could be linked to “Havana syndrome” in the capital, Hanoi. . It is not clear who those affected by the disease are. Information relating to a possible health incident was brought to the attention of Vice President Services by the US Embassy in a statement. After careful verification, it was decided that the Vice President would continue her tour, as reported by the BBC. But what is Havana Syndrome or “Havana Syndrome”? For some time it has been a source of tension between various international powers. Observed for the first time in 2016 by US diplomats stationed in Cuba, the case covers a number of ailments that can associate tinnitus with dizziness, nausea, headaches and in particular memory lapses. Specifically, there are those that the US State Department (source journals.sagepub.com) has described as “medically confirmed symptoms”. The shared hypothesis is that so far these have been organized microwave radiation attacks that have left American employees, diplomats and military personnel with major brain injuries. In total, nearly 200 Americans (including CIA agents) fell ill with similar diseases, mainly in Cuba and China, but also in Russia. The United States, which believes that direct energy rays may be the cause of the Havana syndrome, suspects that Russia is behind these cases, but Moscow denies any responsibility. A spokesperson for Kamala Harris declined to comment on the reasons for delaying this new leg of the vice president’s Southeast Asia tour launched Sunday, which aims to reaffirm Washington’s commitment to the region in the face of China’s expansionist ambitions.

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