Volkswagen: from 2030 there will be no more cars with manual trasmission

Some car manufacturers are considering removing the clutch pedal from their cars in advance of the transition to electric mobility. It appears that Volkswagen is one of the first automakers to abandon manual transmission, according to a report by the German website Auto Motor und Sport. Upcoming Volkswagen cars with automatic transmission only After the disbursements that the Wolfsburg company had to support in the aftermath of the Dieselgate and to finance the electrification process, it is also necessary to simplify the current cars in order to reduce costs. For these reasons, Volkswagen is giving priority to the manual gearbox and should give up the clutch pedal starting with the cars that will enter the market in 2023. Volkswagen In particular, it seems to be the new Tiguan compact crossover arriving in 2023 and the new Passat, vehicles with traditional endothermic power but which will be launched exclusively in versions with automatic transmission. Auto Motor und Sport believes manual transmission in a VW will no longer exist by the end of the decade, when the company’s range could be entirely electric vehicles. In all likelihood, these VW decisions will also impact brands related to the group, such as Skoda, SEAT and Audi. Among other things, the latter had already announced its intention to launch only electric vehicles starting in 2026. Another news that confirms how the car market is going through a process of profound transformation, where investments by car manufacturers are focused on different aspects than those on which we focused more in the past.

4 thoughts on “Volkswagen: from 2030 there will be no more cars with manual trasmission

  1. Interesting. I changed from a manual gearbox some years ago. It certainly makes driving easier. However, there are advantages to manual. My car has paddles so you can make the car change gear if you want, eg for overtaking.

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