The world after the covid era [diary]

By now most people are tired of the pandemic.
the more advanced states are vaccinating almost the entire population, but precautions remain.
As you know by now, the vaccine does not guarantee 100% protection and also lasts about 10 months.
Autumn is approaching and the scary of new lockdowns are tangible …
But when will all this pandemic chaos end? Until we find a vaccine that is 100% effective and lasts a minimum
5-6 years will not completely resolve the situation and could always be with a mask, spacing and other precautions.
To be precise, vaccines should not be called such, but should be called serum, because not give
a definite immunity but only temporary protection. Of course, the discovery of these serums is essential while waiting for a real one
vaccine, but don’t confuse things. In the past, for diseases like polio, it took many years to find a vaccine that made people immune


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