The world sometimes runs too fast

Sometimes the world turns too fast and the frenzy of being close to everything around us leads us to be succubus of the world. As Saint Augustine said, one must go back inside oneself, to find oneself.
In fact it is within oneself that both the world and oneself are found and perhaps time and the world will be scanned according to one’s inner time and not from the external one . Of course there are deadlines and essential times in life, but every day you have to find a piece of the day to find yourself, to alienate yourself from the increasingly globalized and frenetic world.

6 thoughts on “The world sometimes runs too fast

  1. As an octogenarian, I can easily conjure up a time when the world moved slower. In the 1940s/1950s we had no telephone or television set;or no mobiles or other technological equipment to interrupt the flow of our days and nights. At least we had telegrams for emergencies, and everyone seemed to know ‘someone’ who had a phone when in dire need, plus most of the street’s red phone boxes functioned OK. Naturally, the wireless was treasured, but reading and playing the piano was more popular then. Now, although I daily use my computer, which I love as a writer, I hardly use my mobile as I have a land.-line phone. Like it, or lump it, it’s all here to stay,, but I worry a little about our English language! Cheers. .

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