October has arrived

October has arrived.
But what is special about this month?
Until the 1970s (in Italy) the month of October was the beginning of the school and coincided with the 1st of October, the feast of San Remigio. Today everything is different and I also went to school when September was the month of the restart.
There is no longer the heat of summer. Perhaps there is also the desire for new life, despite the trees beginning to lose their leaves. After all, the fall of the leaves can mean a change of skin, even if the winter has to be overcome.
Many begin to think of melancholy, but instead it is only nostalgia, perhaps nostalgia for the past summer. But Nostlagia and Melancholy are different things. Nostalgia should make you want to experience past moments again.
The philosopher Kierkegaard said with an aphorism: “This is why I much prefer autumn to spring, because in autumn you look at the sky. In spring, the earth.”


10 thoughts on “October has arrived

  1. Hi Gabriele,

    Autumn is a special season, a season that makes me think of the end of something, the end of life in a way. The coolness arrives and it is the end…

    It is a beautiful season …

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