Some of my drawings (October 2021) [1]

11 thoughts on “Some of my drawings (October 2021) [1]

  1. Very cool. I particularly like the last one. “and so the world turns, the nights creep slowly into the day, the leaves of autumn become the verdigris of winter, the bare trees our homing pigeon.The alkaline, citric smell of rotting organic matter enlivens. The wind invigorates, the shorter days allow for all your wishes to come true. Nights ahead with your love beside you; in your arms. Sharing a couch, sharing a bed, sharing my and our love.
    Closed curtains ans dark windows, Warm in bed, snuggled, golden candles, lighting your rooms. Bring on the winter.

    1. Thank you very much. Congratulations on the poetic words. However, I put the last drawing precisely because it is the most beautiful.
      Regards, have a nice day

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