4october ’21: WhatsApp, Facebook e Instagram down

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram down Today 4 October 2021 all the major social platforms of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram seem to have serious problems in completing all the classic online uploading operations of the fundamental elements such as images or videos. There are tens of thousands of reports that are arriving. The problems seem to affect all three of Mark Zuckerberg’s platforms from the inability to send or receive multimedia messages on WhatsApp, to the inability to upload images or stories to Instagram. Obviously, on Twitter, the tide of messages from those wondering why this is happening immediately started, and many ironize about the malfunction just as usually happens in these cases since those who always use WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, open Twitter only if the first two don’t work. From the two social networks for the moment no news, no comments or explanations on what is happening

11 thoughts on “4october ’21: WhatsApp, Facebook e Instagram down

  1. I avoid Zuckerface’s social websites as their effect is not to connect people but to divide them, allow them to misrepresent themselves, and NOW he thinks they are the thought police.
    Plus I heard YouTube, Twitter and Facebook were going to merge. The new site will be called YouTwitFace, an appropriate sobriquet for Suckerberg. 😂

    1. Despite the irony, I completely agree! Which social networks do you use, in addition of course to the blog [even if not properly considered a social network)?

  2. I didn’t notice. Oh, wait, I’m an adult, so of course I wouldn’t notice if such inconsequential “services” fail. And like capost2k for me a blog is more social bullshit than one woman alone could handle. Oh, and YT of course.But I’ll leave that soon and join odysee.com.

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