Telegram boom: 70 million new users during WhatsApp outage

The sensational blocking of social networks of the giant Facebook Inc. which includes: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has benefited some platforms, in particular Telegram. The Telegram instant messaging platform is WhatsApp’s “alternative” par excellence, both in terms of users and in terms of functionality.

With the inability to use WhatsApp, Messenger and Direct for over 6 hours, users have turned to other platforms such as Telegram which in a single day registered 70 million new users.

“I am proud of how our team has managed unprecedented growth because Telegram has continued to work flawlessly for the vast majority of our users. This is a record increase in user registration and activity” for the service. ” said Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram.

On the other hand, it was not easy to manage the situation, given that the high and unexpected number of active users on the platform created some slowdowns, particularly in the United States. After the return to normal of the Facebook group’s apps, most likely the great majority have returned to using mainly WhatsApp but could have kept Telegram in case of future blackouts.


9 thoughts on “Telegram boom: 70 million new users during WhatsApp outage

  1. Interesting. Here in the States, Telegram has been used as a place for right-wing extremists to gather, like the people who participated in the Jan. 6th insurrection.

    Maybe all those new people flooding in from Facebook will make Telegram a more balanced place?

    1. I do not know. I just know that telegram is safer than whatsapp and is often used by both right and left-wing ones. Here in Italy Telegram has recently been used to organize raves and parties with lots of drugs and gatherings, and the state has had to intervene, albeit with evident delay

      1. Oh, interesting! I think here it tends to be more a right-wing platform. But safer is definitely better, and I’m always happy not to use something that is owned by Facebook….

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