Zodiac: the infamous Zodiac Killer identified! He’s been on the run for over 50 years

A task force claims to have finally discovered the identity of the mysterious Zodiac Killer! The notorious serial killer, long sought after in the San Francisco Bay Area, has finally been identified by a Cold-Case task force, led by former FBI agents and retired law enforcement officials. He terrorized the United States in the 1960s by sending encrypted letters to the press and the police. The murders committed by the Zodiac Killer between 1968 and 1969 have remained in the history of serial killings, a phenomenon made famous in the United States by Charles Manson first and Ted Bundy later. After 52 years of the 5 murders attributed to him, a group of specialists consisting of 40 former investigators, journalists and members of military intelligence identified Zodiac. According to some posthumous investigations, it would be Gary Francis Poste, a veteran of the US Air Force who died in 2018. Through some photos of the deceased, the investigators realized that the scars on the forehead of the alleged serial killer were identical to those shown on the drawings of the identikit released by the police. According to the findings of the team of investigators, another important clue in the research would be identifiable in the letters that Zodiac sent to the San Francisco Chronicle. The letters of the name Gary Francis Poste were always omitted in puzzle missives. “To understand the anagrams, you had to know Gary’s full name,” said Jen Butcholds, a former intelligence officer who investigated the case. According to the team, Poste could also be linked to the murder of Chery Jo Bates in 1966 in Riverside, California. The crime would have occurred two years earlier than the first murder linked to Zodiac, yet the points of contact would be multiple. Poste was hospitalized in a hospital 15 minutes away from where Bates was killed. He was in hospital following a gunshot accident.


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