Marina di Latina (Lazio) – PHOTO – October 2021

The coast of Latina is very beautiful. It is almost uncontaminated and the road passes near the sea, being able to witness a breathtaking landscape: on one side the sea and on the other side the mountains and lakes. This area once did not exist, that is, it was completely marshy: it was reclaimed in the early 1900s by Benito Mussoloni. Over the course of history this land has been reclaimed several times, but without success because the area collects all the waters of the surrounding mountains and does not flow water towards the sea. Paradoxically, only with Fascism has it been possible to restore these areas.


Facebook will change the name of its company

According to the well-known tech site The Verge, Facebook may announce next week that it will change the name of its parent company. The change should only concern the company nomenclature, not the products. Currently, both the famous social network and the company that controls it, and which also controls Instagram, WhatsApp and other services, are called “Facebook”: it would be the latter to change its name, while the social network will continue to be called Facebook.

The next name change, which Mark Zuckerberg could unveil during “Connect”, the annual conference scheduled for October 28th, seems to have a very specific and ambitious purpose. It’s time for Facebook to be known for more than social media (and all the evils that that entails). There is no doubt that with the rebrand, the blue Facebook app would become one of the company’s products such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus and others. And Zuckerberg would thus try to free the entire company from the social network which in the last period is a very random mix of joys and sorrows.

Trump launches his social network: it will be called TRUTH and will challenge Big Tech

Former US President Donald Trump unveiled the new social platform that was announced several months ago as an alternative to the social networks from which he was removed for his involvement in the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Congress. calls TRUTH Social (“truth” means “truth”), it will arrive next year and will replace the blog with which Trump had briefly returned to be heard online. In a statement released Wednesday, Trump said he created TRUTH Social “to oppose the tyranny of Big Tech companies” and “to fight them,” arguing that the goal of the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) – the company that has developed – both “to give a voice to everyone”. “We live in a world where the Taliban have a large presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American president has been silenced. This is unacceptable ».

After January 6, all the major social platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, had suspended or blocked Trump’s profiles, accusing him of inciting their supporters to carry out the assault on Congress, where the certification was being certified. election victory of President Joe Biden. Trump had never acknowledged the defeat and according to the companies that manage the main social networks had violated the guidelines of the platforms, which prohibit sharing content that promotes violence and fake news.

Trump had also been subjected to an impeachment trial accused of fomenting the attack on Congress: then he was acquitted, thanks to the votes of the Republicans.

The first tests on TRUTH Social will be carried out in November and the platform will be ready by the first months of 2022; later it should also offer news, podcasts, entertainment programs and a subscription service for video on demand. The resources for its realization come from the merger between TMTG and another company, the Digital World Acquisition Corp, which in recent months has raised 294 million dollars from various investors (it is not said, however, that all investors will remain in the deal. , and Digital World’s equity may shrink).

21 October (2021): Trafalgar Day [United Kingdom]

Trafalgar Day is the celebration of the victory won by the Royal Navy, commanded by Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, over the combined French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805.

The formation of the Navy League in 1894 gave added impetus to the movement to recognise Nelson’s legacy, and grand celebrations were held in Trafalgar Square in London on Trafalgar Day, 1896. It was commemorated by parades, dinners and other events throughout much of the British Empire in the 19th century and early 20th century. It continues to be celebrated by navies of the Commonwealth of Nations. Its public celebration declined after the end of World War I in 1918. The massive casualties and upheaval had changed the general public perception of war as a source of glorious victories to a more sombre view of it as a tragedy, for which the newly instituted Armistice Day on 11 November was created. However, Trafalgar Day was still marked as a public day each year. Around 1993, it was rumoured that John Major‘s government might make it a public holiday in place of May Day, and this plan was revived in the 2011 Tourism Strategy created by the then coalition government.

The year 2005 was the bicentennial of the Battle of Trafalgar, and the Royal Navy led Trafalgar 200 celebrations. The 2005 International Fleet Review held off Spithead in the Solent on 28 June was the first since 1999 and the largest since Her Majesty The Queen’s 1977 Silver Jubilee.

On 21 October each year the commissioned officers of the Royal Navy celebrate the victory at the Battle of Trafalgar by holding a Trafalgar Night dinner in the Officer’s Mess.

At a Trafalgar Night banquet or dinner, a speech is usually made by a guest of honour who ends it with a toast to “The Immortal Memory …” (The rest of the wording of the toast vary depending on what is said in the speech). On 21 October 2005 (the 200th anniversary), at such a dinner the traditional toast was given by Queen Elizabeth II:”The Immortal Memory of Lord Nelson and those who fell with him”

Such dinners also occur each year on or around 21 October in locations other than Royal Navy ships.

The Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth hold a “Trafalgar Night Dinner” each year on a date close to 21 October.

The British ambassador in Washington hosts such a dinner at which the guest of honour may be a senior officer in the United States Navy.

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham lays a wreath at Birmingham’s statue of Lord Nelson on Trafalgar Day 2007.

Sea Cadet Corps in the United Kingdom hold a youth cadet parade known as the National Trafalgar Day Parade on Trafalgar Square each year. The parade is formed with a platoon from each area, a guard and a massed band. This is held on the closest Sunday to 21 October. Units and Districts from around the country celebrate this day – usually with a town parade.

Birmingham celebrates the anniversary with a ceremony at the statue of Lord Nelson – the oldest such statue in the United Kingdom – in the Bull Ring. The ceremony is led by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham and involves men and women of HMS Forward, Sea Cadet units from across the West Midlands and various civic organisations, including The Nelson Society and The Birmingham Civic Society. Afterwards representatives of naval and civic organisations lay wreaths and a parade marches off to Victoria Square, the public square in front of the seat of local government, where the Lord Mayor takes the salute.

Another aspect of the Birmingham celebration is that the statue is regaled with swags of laurel and flowers, possibly due to its location by the wholesale flower markets of the city. This tradition, marked through most of the nineteenth century, was revived in 2004. Flags fly from the Nelson Monument on Calton Hill in Edinburgh on Trafalgar Day 2013

In Edinburgh, citizens commissioned the Nelson Monument on Calton Hill in memory of Admiral Lord Nelson. Weather permitting, the Trafalgar flag signal “England expects that every man will do his duty” is flown on Trafalgar Day. Looking like a tall stone telescope, the Nelson Monument contains a time ball which drops at 1 o’clock daily.

The village of Dervock in County Antrim (Northern Ireland) has the only known memorial which takes the form of a stained-glass window depicting Admiral Lord Nelson minutes before he was killed on board HMS Victory in 1805. It is believed that this is the only memorial on the island, Nelson’s pillar in Dublin (the earliest memorial to Admiral Nelson) having been destroyed in 1966, and in 2015 residents organised their first ever “Trafalgar Day”.

In Gibraltar, the Trafalgar Day service takes place at the Trafalgar Cemetery, where the senior Naval Commander reads an extract from the Gibraltar Chronicle newspaper, the first periodical to report on the battle. Some sailors died in Gibraltar of wounds received at Trafalgar; they are buried in Gibraltar. HMS Victory, with Nelson’s body on board, underwent repairs in Gibraltar prior to sailing for Britain.

In the Isle of ManJohn Quilliam, 1st Lieutenant of HMS Victory in 1805, is buried in the graveyard of Kirk Arbory, Ballabeg. An annual parade and church service takes place on Trafalgar Day.

♬ Mufasa & Hypeman x Dopamine – Weekend


Mufasa, what your favourite holiday?
The weekend, the weekend?
The weekend, it’s the weekend
It’s the weekend it’s the weekend
Weekend, weekend, weekend
Weekend, kend, kend, kend, kendGo! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! (oh)
Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa
Hey! Hey! Hey! (Yeah)
Here we go, here we go, here we go
Let’s go!I could show ya
A little paradise if you moving closer
Baby, don’t be shy
Take it back to nature
We got a sky that goes for miles
And all the starts for later
Baby, close your eyesIf we took a holiday
Imagine us without a signal
Take some time to celebrate
Undercover incognito
Just one day out of life
That we’ve found a place and time
Where nobody else can find us
No, oh ohIt’s the weekend, celebrate
It could be so nice
It’s the weekend, celebrate
It could be so niceOn my way to take you to vacay
Trip round the world all in one day
Catch flights and feelings to Monday
Comes back round
Just past the limit where we go
London to Paris to Rio
Off-grid, it’s just you and me
Let’s ride this outIf we took a holiday
Imagine us with out a signal
Take some time to celebrate
Undercover incognito
Just one day out of life
That we’ve found a place and time
Where nobody else can find us
No, oh ohIt’s the weekend, celebrate
It could be so nice
It’s the weekend, celebrate
It could be so niceWe are on a shutdown, shutdown
We’re moving free now, free now
Breath in and breath out, breath out (it could be so nice)
So turn up the summer, summer
Brush off the drama, drama
Live how you wanna, wanna
It could, it could, it could, it could
It could be so niceIt’s the weekend, celebrate
It could be so nice (it could be so nice)
It’s the weekend, celebrate
It could be so nice