Marina di Latina (Lazio) – PHOTO – October 2021

The coast of Latina is very beautiful. It is almost uncontaminated and the road passes near the sea, being able to witness a breathtaking landscape: on one side the sea and on the other side the mountains and lakes. This area once did not exist, that is, it was completely marshy: it was reclaimed in the early 1900s by Benito Mussoloni. Over the course of history this land has been reclaimed several times, but without success because the area collects all the waters of the surrounding mountains and does not flow water towards the sea. Paradoxically, only with Fascism has it been possible to restore these areas.

7 thoughts on “Marina di Latina (Lazio) – PHOTO – October 2021

  1. An interesting observation of fascism. I wonder if we understand the word. Ayn Rand has been called a fascist, but her work saved me from others’ opinions of me. She taught me to think and about cause and effect and about love and business and I think she nailed the corrupt souls in society. Blessings.

  2. Weirdly enough the Dutch never needed any fascism to come up with the most breathtaking ways of claiming land from the sea. Also you know that Mussolini started out as a socialist but saw his personal chance to become the duce by adapting to fascism. In the early 1900 he wasn’t a fascist yet.

    1. I know very well that Mussolini was a fascist … I don’t think Holland has anything to do with it because they bring out the lands because they are below sea level ..

  3. Beautiful views, but I seriously doubt that politics had much to do with the effectiveness of reclamation, other than the fascists would kill anyone who did not do what they were told. The science behind reclamation would work from any political viewpoint. 😉

    1. I did not understand exactly what you are referring to, but in the 1930s Mussolini ordered the reclamation forcing the farmers of northern Italy (poor) to come to Lazio for the reclamation work … now the parts have reversed … and it is the north to be rich.

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