The hide and seek of winter


Where is the climate change?
In the extreme events that occur?

Today, November 7th seems to be a mild day in early autumn …
An abnormal heat …

Is the winter playing hide and seek? Or is it climate change?
Although I live in Abruzzo, on the Adriatic coast, where the climate is rarely harsh, I don’t remember such a heat.

Today I walked on the beach, where the sea was mysteriously calm …
The Adriatic coast – for the uninitiated – is less hot than the Tyrrhenian coast, where the current of the gulf arrives,
that has always warmed the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the mountains of Abruzzo do not allow the passage of hot air
west, often exposing the coasts to perturbations coming from the east.

But now winter, regardless of its game of hide and seek, does not seem to influence climate decisions …

Cutting off the power that connects the masses who are seeking peace and Liberty!

illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

Destroying the energy and the means by which the masses and populations can assert their rights and freedoms is the most dictatorial act that can be created, especially if the population is unconscious and dozed off in a state of addiction.
Quite singular is the coincidence of the illustration by the Polish artist depicting the charging socket for smartphones, which coincidentally is not standard for all mobile phones, and which despite the fact that there is now talk of creating a standard socket for all smartphones, still not an agreement is found.

Ford’s CEO talks about Tesla (Elon Musk’s company) as a model to follow

During a virtual meeting involving 20,000 Ford employees around the world, Jim Farley explained why the company should take Tesla seriously as a dominant player in the all-electric market. According to Detroit Free Press, he pointed out the news according to Hertz has ordered 100,000 Tesla vehicles. The deal was worth about $ 4 billion and pushed Tesla’s market value beyond $ 1 trillion for the first time.

“Tesla now has smart people and resources. In addition, the Model 3 is the best-selling vehicle in Europe: not only the best-selling electric vehicle, but the best-selling ever,” were Farley’s words.

“We have to look to Tesla to understand what we can learn from them. First: they have a direct sales model, there is no one in between the company and the end customer. Three or four clicks to interpret the product with not much complexity to deliver it to the customer. The price is clear and cannot be negotiated. And there is an extensive remote booking and service system. “

“Second, Tesla maximizes the performance of the vehicle’s electrical part. Their customers pay less for a better battery. After the launch of each vehicle, they are also obsessed with the progress they can still make. How to improve the customer experience. , redesign electronic components, simplify, target quality based on the data they buy from vehicles and how they can manage each electron in order to fully purchase the battery. “

“Third, the product itself is highly differentiated from the rest of the thermal-propulsion industry and the complexity is minimal compared to OEMs,” Farley says, using an outdated term, Original Equipment Manufacturers, to identify traditional automakers to emphasize difficulties than meeting in modernity.

Mexican GP, Bottas pole! Then Hamilton and Verstappen. Sainz 6th, Leclerc 8th

Max Verstappen (NLD) Red Bull Racing. 06.11.2021. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 18, Mexican Grand Prix, Mexico City, Mexico, Qualifying Day

The two mercedes, After suffering and struggling, disappointed in the three free practice sessions, the star has resumed to shine in the supreme moment. Bottas on pole, Hamilton in the front row, in front of both Verstappen and Perez. And now what seemed like a very favorable race for Verstappen has turned into another uncertain chapter of the challenge.

In Istanbul, Yuki Tsunoda had ‘publicly’ revealed his support for Max Verstappen in the Dutchman’s world championship battle with Lewis Hamilton, stressing that he had done everything on that occasion to keep the British driver behind him. Today, however, in a completely involuntary way and in an attempt to make himself useful, the Japanese has instead created many problems not only for the Dutchman, but for the entire Red Bull team.

The Mexican Grand Prix takes place on the track dedicated to the Rodriguez brothers in Mexico City at 2,240 meters above sea level. The high altitude causes an air thinning of over 30% compared to the density at sea level. On the one hand, this phenomenon leads to a drastic reduction in the resistance to advancement of the cars, but in fact this is the only positive consequence, counterbalanced by many other decidedly negative factors. In fact, it is no exaggeration to consider rarefaction a ruthless killer of single-seater performance as well as constituting a tangible danger to the reliability of the power units.

Houston, tragedy at the Travis Scott concert: at least 8 dead and dozens injured

Moments of chaos and panic during the Texan rapper’s Astraworld Festival

The Astroworld Music Festival in Houston (Friday afternoon on November 5th) turned into a nightmare, with at least 8 boys between 16 and 23 years old killed, crushed against the stage by the crowd that pressed behind them.

There are countless injuries, over 300 of which about twenty in serious condition.

The tragedy began while the hugely popular rapper Travis Scott was performing, who repeatedly interrupted his performance to ask rescuers to intervene, until the show was suspended and the event definitively canceled by the organizers. “I am absolutely devastated by what happened. My prayers go out to the families of the victims,” ​​commented the rapper. The videos posted on the social networks show chilling images, with the first aid that with enormous difficulty manage to bring out the teenagers who beg to be saved from the grip of the huge crowd. A push that has become increasingly devastating as panic spreads. On the spot, crowded beyond belief, there were over 50,000 people, in a state like Texas where, due to the rampant pandemic, there are still over 100 deaths and 3,300 new cases of contagion a day, the highest figure in America. Elsewhere such an event these days would be unimaginable.

Some images also show dozens of young people who have forced the entrances without paying the ticket, and without anyone stopping their race. An indication of how perhaps there were even more people inside the festival than expected, in a situation that has actually become out of control. But on the causes of the tragedy, no one still has a say. The mayor of Houston swears that the security measures have been respected and that it is being investigated to understand how this could have happened.

7th November (2021): International Inuit Day

The 2006 Utqiaġvik Declaration instructedICC to annually proclaim November 7th, the birth date of ICC visionary, Eben Hopson Sr., as “Inuit Day”.

Eben Hopson was one of the great historic political leaders of the Arctic and the founder of the Inuit Circumpolar Council.

In 1978, Eben Hopson also travelled to Europe to address the London Press Corps., stating “our entire North American Arctic homeland is a vast wildlife habitat nourishing a very fragile food chain in which we Inuit are but an important link. We Inuit are hunters. There aren’t many subsistence hunting societies left in the world, but our Inuit Circumpolar community is one of them.“

This was a time when Inuit needed the support of the world to face the challenges of large-scale oil exploration in the Arctic and the potential impacts on Arctic marine mammals.

♬ U2 – Your Son Saved My Life (from Sing 2)

(from “Sing 2” soundtrack)

Was a Monday morning
‘Bout a quarter past four
You were busy dreaming
So what did you wake up for?

Are you a stranger in your own life?
What are you hiding behind those eyes?
Is no one looking for you there?

You know your song saved my life
I don’t sing it just so I can get by
Won’t you hear me when I tell you Darling
I sing it to survive

You’re looking for a miracle
The kind that science can’t explain
The man you carry in your heart
Is only comfortable when he’s in pain

Are you a stranger in your own life?
What are you hiding behind those eyes?
Can anyone find you there?
Or just me?

You know your song saved my life
I don’t sing it just so I can get by
Won’t you hear me when I tell you Darling
I sing it to survive

Your song saved my life
The worst and the best days of my life
I was broken, now I’m open, your love keeps me alive
It keeps me alive

Your song saved my life
The worst and the best days of my life
Your song saved my life

Song saved my
Song saved my

Your song saved my life
Your song got me through tonight
Your song saved my life

Song saved my
Song saved my life